It all started in 2001...

I was in middle school, and caught the entrepreneurial spirit.

I went home and took all the "beans" out of my moms Beanie Babies (remember those things), had her buy some mechanical pencils and rubber bands (she thought I was being a good student), and started making these little mechanical pencil BB shooters that I sold for $5 each to my buddies.

Yeah, not the best idea.

Dad quickly caught on, and put a quick end to that.

But hey, for a couple weeks, I was running at 70% profit, had enough money to buy my own lunch for a month, and learned how to sell. 


You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.

You can't own a business at 21.

You can't sell 7 figures.

You can't own three pieces of real estate before 30. 

You can't create your dream lifestyle. 

You're too young.

Said who?

I started in the medical field when I was 14.

I sent an e-mail to the local hospital explaining I didn't want to work at the local grocery store, and asked what they could offer. 

Thinking I would be stuck washing dishes, they quickly came back with an interview for a "Physical Therapist Aide Trainee."

I crushed the interview and started handing ice packs out, filing paperwork, and learning how to talk with people. 

I later moved deeper into the medical field during high school and became a Nursing Assistant, working with dementia residents in nursing homes. Learning all about the ups and the many downs of life, these years helping someones mom or dad go to the bathroom or get dressed, and sadly, watching them take their last breaths on earth, were the most magical and humbling of my life to date. 

After realizing I wanted to change peoples lives, I went off to college at University of New England. I got my degree in Exercise Science, fell in love with impact fitness can have on people, and fell in love with the southern coast of Maine. 

After graduating in 3 years, I dove head first and opened my first business, a high-end gym serving the local community, all while getting my masters degree, at the age of 21. Spurling Fitness, located in Kennebunk, Maine, is run by an incredible team of people that I get to lead everyday, but it also allows me to pursue my other passions here. 

As I grew that business, I fell in love with leading people, coaching, mentoring, teaching, and changing lives. 

It hasn't all been easy...

I entered high school weighing 386lbs. I remember countless nights crying. 

I lost my mom to cancer when I was 21 years old and my dad at 29. I remember countless nights crying. 

I opened my first business with $4 in the checking account. I remember countless nights crying. 

Things change...

I now own multiple pieces of real estate, run a 7 figure business with our Spurling Community, lead an incredible team of people who change lives, coach health and hospitality business owners, give back to the community, get to stay home with my family whenever I want, travel, and live my dream life. 

I don't know everything. 

I will always remain humble.

I am excited to learn more, grow more, and see what life has in store from me. 

However, through small daily changes, consistency, and the power of “1% Better” I have changed my life and my businesses, and I look forward to helping you do the same.

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling