You’re just 1% away from more clients, more customers, a more organized business, and the personal freedom you set out to create…

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

How would it feel to have a more organized business?

What about a clear marketing plan, clear roles and responsibilities for your team, and a blueprint to follow for business growth?

Well I’m here to tell you you’re just ‘One Percent Away’ from more clients, a more organized business, and the personal freedom you deserve.

More is not better, better is better.

The real magic is in the simple.

Quite often, when I coach other businssesses, it’s the small simple consistencies, the small tweaks, that make the biggest difference.

In this day and age, we crave instant gratification, we’re looking for the big “home run”, or that there must be a shortcut we’re missing in business. 

But how is that working for you?

It’s not about the home runs, but instead, about showing up every single day and hitting singles. 

That is 1% Better. 

We’re not looking for the quick-fix, we’re waking up every single day aiming to be the best version of ourselves, aiming to be a little better than yesterday.  

We must live the 1% Better motto.

Over the last decade, I’ve built my life around the 1% Better mentality.

It started in 2007, when I graduated high school weighing 386 pound. 

Over the course of the next year, I lost over 100 pounds. 

Obviously, a journey like that challenges you, and changes who you are as a person, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. 

I learned that if I was going to stick with it, it was not going to be easy, but I just had to be a little better than yesterday, 1% Better. 

Shortly after this journey, I lost my mom to cancer, I was 21, she was only 52. 

That experience taught me a lot, but waking up each day just trying to do a little more. 

A little more comfort to my younger brother, a little more healing, it never was perfect, and never will be, but each day I grow 1% Better. 

After graduating college, I opened my first business, a community of busy people who are looking to change their life and see a transformation. 

Some may call it a gym.

What it has become is a community of people, thousands at this point, that have instilled the 1% Better motto into their life. They aim to just get a little better every day, they are not buying into the gimmicks, but instead just showing up every day and looking to do a little more than yesterday.    

That then carried over to my business coaching that I provide to fellow health and hospitality businesses.

In business, as in finance, or just life in general, we always look for that one thing that is just going to skyrocket our growth, we crave it, yet it never comes, and thus, we become static and don’t take any action. 

How do we change that mindset?

How do we take more action?

It’s immersing yourself in the 1% Better motto, constantly keeping it at the top of our mind.

Most recently, I’ve used the 1% Better mentality in parenting. At the time of this writing, my son just turned two, and my wife and I are expecting a baby girl. 

As many of you reading this may know, the first couple years of being parents can be challenging, overwhelming, and stressful. 

Just like any other major life event, you learn a lot about yourself. 

It has been tough, it’s been a major learning experience, and I just remind myself of being 1% Better. 

I aim to learn, be a little better dad to Kaden than I was yesterday, be a better husband to Megan than I was yesterday, and be better to myself. 



A Japanese word for improvement, activities that continuously improve all functions. 

If you’re anything like me, you’re hard on yourself. 

You want to be further ahead than you are.

You know you can do more. 

You are overwhelmed with all things that need to get done, all things you want to do, and you’re soon, if not already, going to come to a breaking point. 

How do we help that?

It all starts in the head. 

We talk to ourselves more than anyone else. 

The 1% motto helps you think that it’s okay that you’re not where you want to be, it’s okay that you didn’t get everything done, it’s okay that things are not perfect. 

It’s a mindset change, a change that just keeps the snowball rolling down the hill, it stacks the small wins, keep the action going, keeps the momentum going. 


By changing your approach to everything being an all or nothing, to slow and steady, never stop improving, always taking action, but not looking for that homerun—just hitting that single. 

I’ve built my businesses around 1% Better. 

I’ve built my life around 1% Better. 

And remember, you’re just “One Percent Away” from a better business, more clients, more customers, more money, and the personal freedom you set out to create when you first started your business.

1% Better.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling

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